Civil Law

Lawyers specialising in civil law

Civil law is one of the most extensive branches of law. All private actions are regulated by this area of practice and require the advice of lawyers who are experts in the field.

At Oliver & Abogados we offer comprehensive legal services to individuals, entrepreneurs and companies. We advise our clients on all civil contingencies arising from their personal, professional or business activity and we have a team of experts in civil advice and litigation.

Legal services in civil law matters

At Oliver & Abogados we provide guidance, defence and specialised advice to companies and individuals. Our team of experts in civil law offers the following services:


Advice, drafting and review of contracts.


Civil litigation: filing and answering claims, preliminary hearings, trials and filing ordinary and extraordinary appeals against judgments handed down in the civil jurisdiction.


Representation and defence of interests before courts and tribunals of all types of contractual obligations due to breach of contract, such as claims for amounts and claims for total or partial breach of contract.


Negotiation and preparation of legal documentation in matters arising from the purchase and sale of real estate, lease agreements, etc.


Advising on any kind of procedure related to last will and testamentary dispositions and inheritance rights, including the judicial claim of inheritance rights.

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The advice of an expert civil lawyer is essential for the private actions of companies and individuals. Do not hesitate to contact the Oliver & Abogados team.