Economic Criminal Law

Lawyers specializing in economic and corporate criminal law

The firm has more than thirty years of experience in criminal matters before Courts throughout Spain and at all levels: pre-trial, oral trial, ordinary and extraordinary appeals against sentences and enforcement. A large number of the cases in which the firm has been involved are heard in the National High Court.

The Oliver & Abogados team has represented and represents the interests of its clients in complex criminal proceedings related to the economic and business sphere, both in the initiation and filing of the criminal action and the subsequent exercise of the prosecution, as well as in the defence of individuals and companies that are called to the process as investigated or accused.

Oliver & Abogados ensures that the rights of those under investigation are guaranteed, not only in the proceedings themselves, but also outside them, protecting the personal and business reputation, as well as the business, professional and financial continuity of the client, whether an individual or a legal entity.

What is economic and business criminal law?

Economic criminal law is the area of criminal law that deals with conduct that affects property or violates the socio-economic order. These are offences that criminalise uneconomic and/or harmful forms of behaviour.

Given their nature, these are criminal conducts that usually take place within the company or by companies, obtaining a benefit for the company or its partners, or causing damage to the company itself, to its members or to third parties.

The area of economic criminal law includes property crime, corruption offences, tax and social security fraud, corporate crime, money laundering, market and consumer crime, among others.

At Oliver & Abogados we practice criminal defence, but with a strong focus on economic and corporate criminal law cases. Years of experience and our 100% personalised service guarantee our high success rate.

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