Extraditions and European Arrest Warrants and Surrender

Lawyers with expertise in Extradition Procedures and European Arrest Warrants and Surrender

Oliver & Abogados is made up of a team of lawyers with consolidated experience in Extradition proceedings and European Arrest Warrants and Surrender Orders, which are followed before the Central Courts of Instruction and the Sections of the Criminal Division of the National High Court.

At Oliver & Abogados we provide fast and efficient advice and anticipate any situation that may arise. 

We provide legal advice on extradition and European Arrest Warrants and Surrender Warrants from the moment the requesting state issues the international arrest warrant until the conclusion of the proceedings, including the lodging of ordinary and extraordinary appeals.

We actively collaborate with law firms located abroad, being especially noteworthy the collaboration in Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, United States, United Kingdom, Portugal and Germany, which allows us to offer full legal coverage, covering the defence of the defendant both in the requested country, Spain, as well as in the country requesting the surrender.

Our services include bringing legal actions before international bodies and courts, such as the UN Human Rights Committee or the European Court of Human Rights.

What are extradition procedures and European Arrest Warrants?

Extradition procedures and European Arrest Warrants and Surrender Warrants have in common that a foreign country requests Spain to arrest and surrender a citizen who is in Spanish territory to be tried or serve a sentence in the requesting country.

The requested citizen will be subject to judicial proceedings in Spain in which it will be decided whether or not to grant the surrender.

Extradition proceedings are governed by the international treaties signed in this area between Spain and the different states, which enshrine the principle of legality, and are processed in accordance with the Passive Extradition Law.

European arrest warrants are issued when both states (the requesting and the requested state) are Member States of the European Union. The procedure is governed by European law, transposed into national law.

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