Lawyers with expertise in Compliance and Criminal Liability of Legal Entities

Compliance is an English term that means regulatory compliance. It is a legal discipline that emerged in Spain when companies became criminally liable.

The Spanish Criminal Code provides for exemption from liability of the legal entity if at the time the crime was committed, the company had correctly implemented a compliance programme.

This has led to a higher number of entities integrating ethical and legal standards into their internal regulations, which are mandatory, to try to prevent the commission of crimes within the company or, if they are committed, to limit the entity’s criminal liability.

At Oliver & Abogados we have extensive experience in the development and implementation of regulatory compliance programmes aimed at preventing legal risks and providing security to businesses.

What are the advantages of contracting Oliver & Abogados’ Compliance service?

As expert compliance lawyers, our personalised service offers you the following:


Improve and, where appropriate, implement sufficient policies, processes and internal controls to ensure that the company, including its officers, employees and related agents, comply with the applicable regulatory framework.


Significantly mitigate the risk of criminal offences, exonerate the company and, where appropriate, the management body, from criminal liability for offences committed by managers and employees.


Avoiding sanctions and damages that could harm corporate reputation.


Promote a corporate culture of respect for the law and business ethics, increasing the value of the company in an increasingly competitive market, and achieving a better reception from customers, shareholders and stakeholders.

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